Akacorleone is Pedro Campiche (b. 1985), a visual artist of Portuguese and Swiss descent who started out as a graffiti writer in the underworld of his native Lisbon.
A compulsive drawer, obsessed with all things graphic and visual from an early age, he studied arts and earned a degree in Design and Visual Communication in 2007.
  In the field of visual arts he is known today for his dexterity in using colors, typography, characters and refined forms which he blends to achieve eye-catching compositions imbued with originality and all - pervasive humour.
He has been exhibiting his work on solo and collective exhibitions since 2010.
AkaCorleone created his own vision of Poente and turned it reality by illustrating our package and cleaning path.
We are obviously inspired by the Street Culture vibe and Street Art couldn’t be better represented in Lisbon.
Poente is the Portuguese word that refers to Sunset. You can see AkaCorleone’s story and interpretation of Poente, told on his own and unique style, full of colors, transpositions and references all across the package. 

Daily Day: Aliados

This was how our first frame was born: in a collaboration with the Portuguese Store ”Daily Day”.
We joined forces with Daily Day to create a frame that would speak for itself.
The model was named Aliados, which stands for “Allied” as reference to the Daily Day Store location: Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto.
Aliados is the perfect combination of the squared and round frames, both in one single shape.
Full of precise details, from a point to another, Aliados is a timeless frame, with a stylish and retro look, when combined with different acetate colors, patterns and lenses.
We used vintage Mazzuchelli acetates that would allow us to have unique and extremely limited colors.