About Us

Poente is the Portuguese word that refers to Sunset. 

From Sunrise to Sunset, from Sunset to Sunrise – Poente has born from a cycle in which the community generates the creation and the creation generates the community. 

Poente is inspired by a fresh and youthful aesthetic and lifestyle, with a clear and modern identity, in our language and Design. 

We are proud to work with dynamic people such as Artists, Street Artists, Designers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Photographers and Writers that allow us to create original content each day. 

Our collection has a strong feeling of classic and looking-forward fashion looks, created with Premium Italian Materials and crafted by the experienced hands of our Artisans, in Portugal. 

We praise the individual character and therefore, we combine the identity and details of our design with the high quality of our materials and manufactory. 

This is what motivate us to a continuing reflection in which we not only feel but also manifest a social and cultural influence, on the people and the community. It’s a creative reflection, with a clear and critique vision.

At Poente everything connects within small details, establishing a cycle since the creation until the final product.

Be part of this cycle.